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Our Mission

Family & Children's Aid (FCA) is a community-based, non-profit organization that offers high quality, innovative and responsive programs and services to heal and support children and families in crisis. In the Children’s Charter drawn up by the agency in 1892 it reads, “For every child, a home,” which still remains our mission today.

About Us

Family & Children's Aid (FCA) operates under the belief that children are society's most valuable assets. Founded in 1809, the agency has been a refuge for abused and neglected children who are without protection, without parental support and even without hope. More than just offering food, clothing and shelter, FCA strives to heal and support Connecticut's children and families by meeting a higher level of need and teaching them about respect, compassion and trust. FCA currently operates neighborhood-style group home programs serving Connecticut's most disadvantaged children. In addition, FCA offers outpatient programs, in-home services and a summer camp. FCA believes that seeking help is a sign of strength, and we believe that excellent care should be available to individuals and families in all walks of life, whenever needed and without discrimination.

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